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Barbara Fant

We Fall Into

Oh Cuba,
You are a song we fall into
Your colors are a flag we wave
How art becomes our language
when our tongues fail us
Teaches us to see each other
in one another’s eyes
We brain ourselves into each other’s
songs and become a new nation
Together, we create a land
where language is not a barrier or a border
Together, we stand
Wrap ourselves into each other’s
hearts and become new worlds
Our joy becomes
a body of ocean we fall into
Bend our cultures
into a blended name
My brother, sister
Deep within
the ocean’s reflection
We reflect
each other’s light
Just the same

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Barbara Fant - Headshot

Barbara Fant has represented Columbus in nine National Poetry Slam competitions. She is a TEDx speaker, an author of three poetry collections, and has been commissioned by over ten local and national organizations. She holds a BA in Literature, a Masters of Theology, and is currently pursuing her MFA. She believes in the transformative power of art and considers poetry her ministry.



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