Columbus in Cuba | Cuba in Columbus

About the Documentary


Columbus In Cuba is a documentary film project that follows over 30 artist and supporters to Havana and Matanzas Cuba as they witness this neighboring country that has just recently become available to U.S. Citizens. The main concept of the film is the documentation of an exhibition which combined artworks from both Columbus and Cuban artists into a single show.

The film asks viewers to see how the power of art can bring communities together, even across geographic boarders and political differences, to find cultural similarities that inspire creativity.

As multiple artists and arts organizers look at Cuba with imaginative eyes and the hope to build bridges and connections, their experiences show us how an artist's approach to life may just be the pathway to global understanding and a brighter future.

This film is being produced by Nikki and Matt Swift of Nicolettecinemagraphics in cooperation with Reese Brothers Productions and is being supported by the large Central Ohio Artistic Community through donations and sponsorships.

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