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Kathy L. McGhee

“Bridges”, black and white drawing, 18” x 27”

“Bridges”, black and white drawing, 18” x 27”

“Bridges”, silkscreen print, 18” x 27”

“Bridges”, silkscreen print, 18” x 27”

artist bio

Kathy L McGhee - Headshot

Kathy L. McGhee, works at the Columbus College of Art & Design. There she a professor in fine arts, and area coordinator of printmaking. McGhee, who has shown her work both nationally and internationally, is a practicing printmaker. McGhee received the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s International Residency Award in 2005 and traveled to Germany. In 2010, she was a participant in the Xi’an International Printmaking Workshop held at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in China, and in 2012, she received an international residency through the Ohio Arts Council. In 2019, she was an artist in residence at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Badlands National Park.

She has a BS in plant biology and a BFA in drawing and painting, the Ohio State University, 1997; MFA in printmaking, the Ohio State University, 2000.



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