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Susanne Dotson

“Resourceful”, scrylic on canvas, 48” x48”

“Resourceful”, scrylic on canvas, 48” x48”

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Susanne Dotson is a graduate of the University of Akron (Akron, OH) earning a BFA 1974and has recently graduated with her MFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, OH) in May 2019. She is a native of LaGrange, OH and maintains a studio at 55 East Spring Street in Columbus.

Dotson’s current paintings are the melding of two seemingly polar opposites, farm and fashion, into a distilled memoir as if they are unfurled large square scarves.  During her 2019 spring visit to Havana, Cuba, Dotson was inspired by the simple tools employed by the caretakers of the soil. The creative broom made of discarded palm fronds firmly wrapped with a rag and the humble shovel that speak to the ingenuity and the work ethics of the Cuban people.  

The painting, a 48” x48” square acrylic on canvas, is entitled “Resourceful”.  The artwork honors Cuba’s pride by replacing the scrap of fabric with homage to their flag that secures the palm frond fingers to the broom. Dotson’s signature use of color, the orange reds representing the ever present hot sun and the saturated turquoise waters reminding the viewer of its island nation status are memories reflecting her visit to Cuba.



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