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Tripp Fontane

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Things I learned from a fruit salad in Cuba

Fruit is only as good as it's soil
Before blossom
Before root
Before before broken seeds
Before pollination
There must be fertile soil
More than the plant being nurtured
The soil must be tended to
Even in it's difficultly
The plant's maintenance is the easy part

The tilling
The turning
The ho
The hording
The tiresome wait
The burdensome weight
The work
This is the important part

Even the strongest of seeds
The brightest of flowers
The sweetest of fruits
Require the right conditions to reach their potential
It is not enough to hope
Not enough to pray for rain
It is, first, dependant on the hands of the field
The village

Seeds will grow
They need no instruction in doing so
As life needs no instruction in being
It just is
However, the make up of that being
The efficiency of that growth
Lies directly in the soil
Where the seed is rooted

Need be kneaded into the earth
Be a love spread across the land
Vitamin-rich nectar
The photosynthesis of brow sweat and sun beat backs
As above, so below

Lost in Translation

Even language is a concept
A construct
A wall
Anything worth communicating was felt before was ever spoken
So what, then, is the nature of the tongue?
Is laughter not louder than the joke?
Is an embrace not sweeter than nothings whispered into ear?
Are tears not heavier than the news that preceded them?
What is to be said of a tongue called native?
That it is familiar?
When has what you’re used to ever been enough?
Is there such a measure?
Understanding, perhaps
The likes of which the simplicity therein is often underestimated
Consequently, leaving its achievement underappreciated

And so…

Even language is a barrier
Tongues twisted into shovels
Burying connectivity under words
Perforating, partially, the purpose of being person
Has the essence of relationship not been achieved in silence?
Is it not deafening enough to force one to listen earnestly?
Unlike listening, speaking is taught
Language is learned
As is any bias
It is in the midst of this learning, that the true source of communication is cast aside
The heart speaking its final word on the babe’s last coo
The mind then manifests difference
And so we become it
From self
And others

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artist bio

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Dayton native, Tripp Fontane, has been slowly but surely creating a name for himself throughout the country. In recent years, Tripp represented Ohio across the country and represented the country across borders. Coming from humble beginnings, Tripp uses his life experience to paint a very unique picture of his atmosphere and his upbringing. Making tactful use of transparency and vulnerability, no topic is off limits. His gritty content and smooth delivery have both made him a fan favorite.

From community work to event coordinating, Tripp Fontane relentlessly uses his gifts to benefit the minds and everyday lives of the people. You're always in for a one of a kind experience!



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